Surfing back

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Enjoy the sun my dear lads from north hemisphere. Fresh selection of amazing sounds to get you inspired to follow the waves and enjoy the mornings. Starting with this catchy track by High Tyde, a pretty cool band from Brighton – this track flows perfectly.

Childhood got me going to the beach today, it was a lucky guess, got me extremely excited about the day. The track is amazing, very clean and harmonically, it goes as a scene from a surf movie when you are reading to check out the ocean.

It was a nice surprise enjoying Miami Horror again. Remember back in the years “Sometimes” was excessively played by me – and I made at least four playlists with them. Very amazing new track, fresh and happy. Stay inspired, lads.



Gone, gone, going

Australia, Surf music

Hitting the road, lads. Finishing some things as I crave to refresh my ideas. Made my driving music selection. This one track simplify this whole astral I’m wishing to reach. Stay inspired.

Australian Holly Who and this cheerful Get a Little More track ballads the combination of a classic rock with powerful voice and this whole hitting the road spirit. The harmony of the guitar on the chorus and the whole keyboard feeling is extremely “searching officially for happiness” –  something like that. I can’t help but loving the lyrics too, honestly – you gotta get a little more love, that’s enough for me.

Hipstamatic Weekend


There is a weekend that all you wish for is good, involving music and some slow movements. I am not suggesting you to stay alone, just settle down a bit, select a few beers – or wine. Also, turn the lights off a bit, lay on the floor, stare at the ceiling and let your mind produce new mental sensations – no hallucinogens needed.

On The Moves by Kisses fits your perfectly to start this whole erasing futile thoughts, with beautiful harmony between the bass line and this whole retro voice, you can’t resist slowing down your body moves.

Canadian Teen Daze also got me involved with Ice on Windowsill with this bit of “going through the infinity echo of the universe”, it is definitely a nice way to enjoy mixtures of instruments with simple base of vocals.

Finishing, the glorious of Titanics is this track, Low Frames still then, my favorite track of this amazing band from Albany. This whole guitar mood in a nice synthpop is always a great inspiration, specially with the slowdown of the end of the song, it is atmospherically impossible not to chill listening to this.





My second song published, in the lovely bossa nova way of poetry. Wrote this a month earlier from my carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The beach routine makes you moody mood for writing love poetry, as an amateur with the guitar, I love creating disproportional harmonies. That is the perk of being an experimental music lover, even with this lovely simple rhythmic of bossa nova.

You shall not stop grooving

Australia, Indie, Surf, Surf music

There are songs meant to be funny, amazing, addicting and most important naturally happy. Round one goes to Sticky Fingers with they awesome song – video too, Gold Snafu.

Round two and I can’t help but rewinding my summer with Swim Deep - they have an australian soul. They got me amazingly inspired with all the creativity and this music vibe of getting you sort of jumping in the sea on slow-mo. Check Honey - believe me, lads, gorgeous.

Last but not least, this sick lo-fi punk noise pop of Playlounge, yes the song is a cover of Keel Her but god, this is major. What can I do listening to this? Surf, skate around or simply throw paint in my room? Anything goes amazing with this. Sick. Round three and I am out. Stay inspired, lads.

Endless summer

Australia, Playlist, Surf, Surf music

Searching through this underground scenario of synth-pop and experimental indie rock sounds, I’ve found remarkable tracks that easily will be posted soon. This last playlist is quite joyful, I doubt you to avoid moving your body. An amazing astral that keeps me wishing a new surf trip soon as possible.