Sticky Fingers, don’t forget the name…

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Just got into the new Sticky Fingers album, got extremely surprised by the whole new rhythmic the band came with this new release. The album starts with the amazing Land of Pleasure – the name of the album, the end of the song is epic.

The whole begging of it, its pretty agitated, at the fourth track we get that chilly vibe in sequence, Rum Rage just a classic Sticky Fingers track followed by the best, Gold Snafu – which I already talked about, personally, unbeatable.

They keep it groovy, mixing that cool rebel aussie rock with soft harmony. At this album we hear more effects, which makes it nice though. Velvet Skies really got me, they managed to create an amazing atmosphere.

Dreamland announces the epic finale, the track ends making your whole body vibrates and they finish it nicely, solidly with Lazerhead, which again, bring they best quality on creating this groovy indie rock.

Hope you guys get their inspiring tracks and support this amazing australian band. I do hope they reach more and more success inspiring people and continuing, of course, making my sunny surf days better and better. Sticky Fingers, don’t forget the name…

Brakes off

Playlist, Surf, Surf music

Finding lot of amazing things to start creating my summer playlists, believe me, amazing experimental things have been coming to my ears, specially to get me out of these unfortunate but inevitable situations of life. Stay inspired, lads.

Nouvelle bossa

Acoustic, Passion, Playlist, Surf, Surf music

Bossa nova is magnetic. Pure breeze, pure inspiration. Combined with the charming brazilian accent reciting fascinating lyrics, remembering Rio and all that sunny charming breeze somehow makes me inspire optimism and now, with that beloved french accent, I guess it would be impossible not to fall in love. Stay inspired.

Episode ending tracks

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The perks of thinking and imagining things as you crave to write, a few sounds I recently found and easily reminded me of the time I wrote a tv show and specially loved creating the concept of other songs on the episodes. Grapell would go at the end of a mysterious and introspective episode, something like taking a late night cab and returning home as the lights contrast on the window – 1:44 is the exact instant that I doubt you not to imagine.

The Slow Magic track mixed a few ideas – I can’t deny loving writing and creating more slow motion movements at the end of the scenes, so it would easily be a more sensual scene – nothing pejorative, but that good old looking and touching – 2:25 through the end, would be my fade out, of course with all the magic of edition. 


Panama confused me, I would easily use this track on a opening scene introducing a character but also finishing a season. Got me excited, very involving, gives you that instant freedom feeling, amazing. 

Surfing back

Indie, Surf, Surf music

Enjoy the sun my dear lads from north hemisphere. Fresh selection of amazing sounds to get you inspired to follow the waves and enjoy the mornings. Starting with this catchy track by High Tyde, a pretty cool band from Brighton – this track flows perfectly.

Childhood got me going to the beach today, it was a lucky guess, got me extremely excited about the day. The track is amazing, very clean and harmonically, it goes as a scene from a surf movie when you are reading to check out the ocean.

It was a nice surprise enjoying Miami Horror again. Remember back in the years “Sometimes” was excessively played by me – and I made at least four playlists with them. Very amazing new track, fresh and happy. Stay inspired, lads.