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As a pleasuring new year – hopefully, what about some fresh tracks to give you the necessary joy to explore all the possibilities of this brand new year?

And of course, couldn’t forget to wish all the best things and thoughts. Let’s keep this world less agitated with anger. More love and inspiring actions. Stay inspired, lads – don’t forget the sunscreen.

Sticky Fingers, don’t forget the name…

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Just got into the new Sticky Fingers album, got extremely surprised by the whole new rhythmic the band came with this new release. The album starts with the amazing Land of Pleasure – the name of the album, the end of the song is epic.

The whole begging of it, its pretty agitated, at the fourth track we get that chilly vibe in sequence, Rum Rage just a classic Sticky Fingers track followed by the best, Gold Snafu – which I already talked about, personally, unbeatable.

They keep it groovy, mixing that cool rebel aussie rock with soft harmony. At this album we hear more effects, which makes it nice though. Velvet Skies really got me, they managed to create an amazing atmosphere.

Dreamland announces the epic finale, the track ends making your whole body vibrates and they finish it nicely, solidly with Lazerhead, which again, bring they best quality on creating this groovy indie rock.

Hope you guys get their inspiring tracks and support this amazing australian band. I do hope they reach more and more success inspiring people and continuing, of course, making my sunny surf days better and better. Sticky Fingers, don’t forget the name…

Brakes off

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Finding lot of amazing things to start creating my summer playlists, believe me, amazing experimental things have been coming to my ears, specially to get me out of these unfortunate but inevitable situations of life. Stay inspired, lads.